Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Day

Once again, we've let time slip by on this blog. I still entertain hopes of making it happen, though. This past month we've seen more and more fauna around our house. Here's one deer that we've seen (and finally got a somewhat good shot of):

We've counted as many as seven at a time back there! At least one is a buck; a four- or five- point.

Gabriel's been developing up a storm since Christmas. Shortly after the 12th day of Christmas, he mastered crawling. He wasn't content to plateau there, however, and since then he learned to pull up onto the furniture and cruise along. There are fewer and fewer surfaces in the house that he can't invade. The doctor is pleased with his achievements, and so are we, but our valuables are becoming more and more difficult to keep our of harm's way. Still, we're very proud of our not-so-little-anymore boy.

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